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Where are your products sourced?

Our Eucalyptus Stems and Billy Buttons are grown in our very own urban backyard. 

Our Eucalyptus essential oil is sourced from an Australian family who has produced the highest quality Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil for over 100 years.

Our essential oil diffusers are sourced from an Australian Owned business that creates amazing hand made diffusers which are made from soft pine and glass.

Do you use pesticides on your Eucalyptus and Billy Buttons?

We do not use pesticides on our plants or even near them. For weeding we either use our hands or we use our fire weeder and burn the weeds. We also find it so much more enjoyable treating pests with other bugs which is why we use Bugs for Bugs. You can check them out at

Can we visit The Eucalyptus House?

Unfortunately we don't allow visitors into our backyard. The Eucalyptus House although absolutely amazing and magical it is still our family home.

Will you always have Eucalyptus stems and Billy Buttons available?

Although we have plenty of plants in our backyard there is always the chance the demand out weighs the supply. We always try to do our best and estimate how many bunches our trees would make and update the website regularly.

How long do the Eucalyptus stems last for?

We would love to say forever but nothing last forever unless its plastic. There are so many factors that contribute to how long stems can last. Things like the weather, air flow, exposure to the sun, moisture and if you are planning on drying them or having them in water. We have one customer that bought from us two years ago and she still has her stems displayed at home but they are dry with no smell. This is what makes these stems so amazing is they still look great even when they are dry.

Will you have other products?

We certainly will. Although we would love to ship out stems to all over Australia there are unfortunately restrictions in other states. We are currently looking at creating other Eucalyptus products that others can enjoy.

Can I propagate the Eucalyptus stems or Billy Buttons?

We have never had success with the Eucalyptus as it is extremely hard to propagate. But we wont discourage you if you want to try. The Billy Buttons are sold already dried and could not be propagated.

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