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Stop and Smell the Eucalyptus

Billy Buttons

Experience the perfect blend of natural tranquillity and aromatic luxury with our Eucalyptus and Billy Button products.

Baby Blue Eucalyptus Trees

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 Meet the Eucalyptus Family

Fresh Cut Large Baby Blue Eucalyptus Bunch and Billy Buttons

Hey there and a high-five from us at The Eucalyptus House! ​Excited to meet you! We're the spirited trio behind your favorite leafy greens – from the charming Baby Blue to the whimsical Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, not forgetting those cheerful Billy Buttons. ​In our cozy Albion Park corner, we, a lively family of three, run this leafy paradise. Picture this: two green-thumbed pros juggling their day jobs with our leafy love affair, plus our pint-sized superstar, bringing giggles and joy to our green world. ​Here, every leaf tells a story, every bunch is a piece of our heart, lovingly grown to add a splash of nature's magic to your nest. ​Your choice to bring our greens into your home adds a burst of joy to our lives too, knitting us closer in our shared love for all things leafy and lovely. We're all about keeping it fresh, vibrant, and straight from our family to your doorstep. ​Big hugs and thanks for being the sunshine that nurtures our dream. It's you, our extended leaf-loving family, that turns our green dream into lush reality. ​Leafy cheers from Riani, Michael and Layla – we're over the moon to have you in our eucalyptus tribe. Your support? It's our daily dose of sunshine!

Eucalyptus Praises

Dried Eucalyptus Bunch


I received the most fragrant, fresh and beautiful bunch of eucalyptus! The quality is so good and you cannot complain delivered to your door.

Thank you so much!

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bunch in Home Office


I was was gifted two beautiful bunches by one of my friends and I let them completely dry out to use as a statement piece for my office desk and they still smell fresh and look absolutely stunning!

Kitchen Decor Billy Buttons and Fresh Cut Baby Blue Eucalyptus


Thank you so very much for my Sunday delivery. Absolutely stunning!

Billy Buttons and Baby Blue Eucalyptus